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Specializing in rare, unusual and tropical plants for sale including:

  • Passiflora

  • Brugmansia

  • Citrus Shrubs

  • Fragrant plants

  • And many more

Plants For Sale:

Plants of Perfection

Rare, Unusual, Fragrant


Acnistus australis

Tropical shrub with pendulous trumpet shaped blue flowers with recurved tips. It can get to be about 4-6 feet tall in height but can easily be pruned to any size. Great container plant and blooms all summer.            

Hardy in zone 9.     

$30 for a 1 gallon pot.

Canarina canariensis (Canary Island Bellflower)

This choice collectors plant is rarely if ever seen for sale. Throughout winter it produces beautiful bell shaped 2" orange and red veined 2" flowers. This is a tuberous vine and appears in late autumn or winter and is dormant in summer. Hardy in zone 9.

$40 for blooming sized tuber.

Cestrum nocturnum (Night blooming Jasmine)

Tropical shrub with tubular white/green flowers that are extraordinarily fragrant in the evening. This has an intoxicating scent and fills my entire house with a honey scent in evening. Blooms all summer. Can be pruned to be kept any size. Hardy in zone 9.

$40 for 2 gallon pot.

Clematis heracleifolia

This is a woody based perennial or small shrub. It has beautiful bell shaped blue very fragrant flowers which smell like honey. It grows to be about 3' tall and wide. Hardy in zones 3-8.

$10 for a 6" pot.

Hedychium Dr. Moy

Variegated Ginger. A nice patio plant with really fragrant orange clusters of  flowers at the end of long stalks.  The leaves have white streaks and are very showy in themselves. It can be grown in a container or as a marginal water plant. Hardy in zone 8.

Coming soon.

Hoya carnosa 'Rubra'   

This is a semi-woody vine with pink very fragrant multiple coloured flowers which develop in clusters of 20-30 per umbel. Leaves are waxy and 2 to 3 inches long. New flowers will develop on old flower stalks so prune carefully. This is a very easy to grow houseplant, just requiring bright light and infrequent watering. Hardy in zones 10-11.

$30 for 1 gallon.

Hoya carnosa 'Tricolour'   

This is a semi-woody vine with white to pink very fragrant multiple coloured flowers which develop in clusters of 20-30 per umbel. Leaves are waxy and variegated a beautiful pink and white 2 to 3 inches long. New flowers will develop on old flower stalks so prune carefully. Easy to grow, low maintainence houseplant.  

Coming soon.

Impatiens niamniamensis 'Congo Cockatoo' (Parrot plant)

Tropical evergreen shrub with glossy green leaves and up to 2" absolutely brilliant yellow and scarlet parrot beak shaped flowers. This is an ever bloomer, literally come spring it is covered in flowers and they are constant all season long. Full shade plant, do not put this plant in direct sun.  This is so easy to grow and is a great house plant.

$25 for 1 gallon.

Macfadyena ungus cati (Cat's Claw vine)

Tropical vigorous climber with tubular bell shaped 4 inch across bright yellow flowers from spring to summer.  Must have climbing support. Can grow 10 feet plus tall. 3 clawed tendril resembles a claw hence the common name Cat's Claw vine. 

$20 for 1 gallon.

Mangletia insignis  (Red lotus tree)

This stunning member of the Magnolia family is evergreen tree up to 25-30 feet and 10' to 15' wide. Pink flower buds appear late fall to winter and open anytime from February to July, depending on climate. Has huge fragrant creamy pink and white magnolia-like flowers Hardy in zones 7-9. 

Special order. Pick up only.

Michelia figo (Banana Shrub)
Rare shrub. Evergreen shrub prized for it's creamy yellow flowers. It's rich, floral fragrance is glorious. When the atmosphere is ideal the fragrance is noticed 50 feet away. A single flower put in a bowl of water will scent an entire room. Prized as a greenhouse subject. Hardy in zone 8 or to -12 C. 

Special order. $25 for 1 gallon.

Michelia maudiae

Extremely rare. Small evergreen tree in the Magnolia family. It features 4-6" very fragrant pure white flowers. It makes a beautiful specimen tree getting to a maximum of 20'. Hardy  in zone 8 with some protection or to -12ºC.

$40 for a 1 gallon pot.

Phaseolus caracalla (Snail vine)

This climber has fabulous flowers and is a choice greenhouse specimen  It has fragrant snail-like, purple and yellow blooms. This climber can reach up to 20'. Blooms from July – September.  Hardy in zone 11.

$15 for 4" pot.

Pittosporum tobira variegata (Japanese Mock Orange)

A small collectors shrub perfect for sunrooms that grows to 5' tall. It has beautiful variegated leaves with white margins. In spring it has white flowers that smell like orange blossoms. Very adapatable plant that tolerates sun or shade. Size and shape can be maintained easily by selective trimming. Hardy in zone 9.

$50 for a 2' tall shrub in a 2 gallon pot.

More coming soon...

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Passiflora - Passion Flower  

These Passion Flowers are a must have for collectors for the greenhouse or sun room. They all have very unusual and showy flowers. Many varieties have fragrant flowers. They need full sun, well drained soil and climbing support. Approximately 4' - 5' tall. Minimum temperature 3-5 ºCelsius. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Passiflora alata

Rare. This is a tropical woody vine with unusual and stunning fragrant, deep red flowers about 4-5" across with wavy purple and white coronas.  
Hardy in zones 9-10. Minimum 5-7ºC.

                    Coming soon.        

Passiflora caerulea

This is a hardy vine that can grow to 20'. The  fragrant white and purple-blue flowers which appear all season long can be 4" across. They are followed by egg-size deep orange edible fruit from late summer through fall.  This species will flower in a small pot, and will do well in a south faced window over winter. Attracts butterflies. Hardy in zones 7-9 or -23ºC.

$20 for 1 gallon pot.

Passiflora Jamesonii

One of the most vigorous, fastest growing Passion flower vines. Showy flowers to 4" across are well displayed, covering the outside of the plant from spring to fall. Hummingbirds and butterflies love this plant.

Coming soon.

Passiflora Lady Margaret

This is one of my favorite Passiflora. It has deep rich red flowers with white centers and filaments that make for a striking contrast. This is fast growing, easy to grow vine. It blooms from spring to fall and blooms freely even in small containers. 

Coming soon.

Passiflora Lavender Lady Large lavender purple flowers with delicate violet filaments. Very free flowering even on a small vine in cold temperatures. Very easy to grow and makes a perfect container plant.

Coming soon.

Passiflora Purple Haze

Up to 4" wide fragrant purple flowers with dark centers. This is a easy to grow. Hardy in zone 8b and this semi hardy vine will re sprout from the roots if damaged by frost. Perfect for a patio, this is a vigorous vine and will cover a trellis or sreeen quickly.

Coming soon.

Brugmansia - Angel's Trumpets

A must have for every gardener. Very easy to grow stunning shrubs with fragrant flowers in evening. Flowers can be very large and up to 14"!! Easy to grow and will bloom in 2 gallon pots and larger all season with frequent fertilizer. To overwinter just bring pots indoors and can be stored in any frost free location including a garage. These plants are claimed to be toxic if ingested so please be careful with small children and pets. Hardy in zone 9.


Brugmansia 'Angel's Sunbeam'

Has very fragrant yellow-creme flowers aging to a soft orange. Flowers can be quadruple and up to 14" long each!!! This is one of my favorite as the flowers smell like  Citrus. Blooms in profusion all season long even in small containers.  

$30 for a 1 gallon pot.                     

Brugmansia 'Charles Grimaldi' 

Has pendulous, huge fragrant flowers up to 12" long each. Blooms are a dark yellow or soft orange and this blooms in profusion all season long even in small containers. 

$25 for a 1 gallon pot.

Brugmansia 'Frosty Pink '  
Has soft pink pendulous fragrant flowers up to 12" long each. Blooms in profusion all season long even in small containers.

$25 for a 1 gallon pot.

Brugmansia 'Jamaica Yellow' 

A must for every summer patio! Beautiful lemon yellow flowers with a spicy-sweet fragrance. Very compact and free flowering and great in containers. A suaveolens cultivar.

$25 for a 1 gallon pot.

Brugmansia 'Peaches and Cream'  
Variegated shrub with cream aging to peach pendulous fragrant flowers up to 10" long each. The leaves vary in variegation from white to cream and are stunning in themselves.

$25 for 1 gallon pot.

Brugmansia sanguinea
A rare, must have plant for every serious collector. Has pendulous  red flowers with curved tips up to 8" long each. Prefers and grows/flowers in cooler weather perfect for the Pacific North West. Does not have fragrant flowers.
Coming soon.

Brugmansia alba

Has pendulous, huge solid white fragrant flowers up to 12" long each. Blooms in profusion all season long even in small containers. 

$25 for 1 gallon pot.

Brugmansia double white (Angel's Trumpet)

A must have plant for every serious gardener. Very easy to grow stunning tropical shrub.  Has pendulous, huge double white fragrant flowers up to 12" long each.  Hardy in zones 9-11.

$25 for 1 gallon pot.


These citrus plants are great for a sun room or greenhouse. They all have very fragrant while flowers and easily produce edible fruit. Need full sun and well drained soil. Minimum temperature 3-5º​ Celsius.


Citrus Buddha's Hand Variegata 

One of the most unusual Citrus you will ever see! Not only does the fruit look like a hand but it has variegated creme foliage and white fragrant flowers.  A great conversation peice plant! The fruit is not like other citrus as it has no pulp it is all rind. The rind is edible and makes is great for baking or in drinks.  If you are able to find the fruit in stores is sells for about $6-7 for each Lemon!                     

Coming soon. 

Citrus Limon Ponderosa (Ponderosa Lemon)                                                               

My favorite plant! This is a choice collectors plant and is rarely if ever seen for  sale. This is a medium sized shrub and in early spring is covered with 2" fragrant flowers followed by huge grapefruit sized Lemons up to 5 pounds each! It gets to a maximum of 5' tall and wide and can be easily pruned to be kept at any size. 

$25 for 1 gallon pot.   

Citrus Limon 'Meyer Improved' (Lemon)

This evergreen Lemon has fragrant white flowers and produces fruit year round. One of the best edible Lemons and very easy to grow in containers. Can be pruned to a small shrub and will produce fruit at a small size.  

Coming soon.

Citrus Eureka Variegated Pink

A must have addition for any home or sunroom. This form of Lemon has variegated creme and green evergreen foliage with striped fruit. The fruit age to pink and are used for pink Lemonade.  This is a dwarf variety and is prefect for containers and can easily be overwintered indoors in any full sun location.

Coming soon.